As You Are Reading This…You Are Literally Being Bombarded by a Special Type of Light That Actually Speeds Up the Aging of Your Skin

As a dermatologist who has treated thousands of women…

I know there are few things more embarrassing — and harmful to one’s confidence and self-esteem — as when your skin causes you to be mistaken for older than you actually are.

And almost as bad is when your skin gives away exactly how old you are.

Look, we all want to look (and feel!) younger — and to be confident about our appearance.

Yet many of my patients these days tell me they feel their skin is actually aging faster than ever!

When they do, I don’t tell them it’s all in their head or that it’s just “a natural part of the aging process.”

I tell them that recent discoveries actually reveal that there is actually a very good reason that more and more women feel their skin is aging faster than ever.

And the reason is literally staring you right in the face right at this very moment!

You see, as you are reading this, your computer, tablet or cell phone is bombarding your skin with a special type of light that literally accelerates the aging of your skin.

A lot of people mistakenly think sunlight is the main enemy when it comes to our skin.

We all know too much of it can be dangerous as well as very damaging to your skin — accelerating the aging process and making you really look your age… or older.

But it turns out: Staying inside and away from the sun can be just as harmful in many ways.

That’s because indoors we’re bombarded by something called “visible blue light” (VBL) from phone and computer screens, as well as increasingly popular fluorescent and LED bulbs.

It sounds a little tin-foil-hat-wearing crazy, I know… but hear me out.

You see, there was recently a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science where scientists exposed skin samples to blue light for up to three hours.

They found that the production of free radicals (you know, the stuff that damages everything in its path) increased by an unbelievable 147%.

That’s two and a half times over! What’s more, VBL increased DNA damage by 53%. Now that is not good at all! DNA damage slows down cell turnover. Dead cells then accumulate and cause sagging and dry dull skin, with more wrinkles. Discolored cells also get trapped causing uneven skin tone.

Plus, if you’re at all concerned about uneven coloring of your skin (dyschromia) you should know that visible blue light has been shown to induce changes in pigmentation. (1)

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw away your computer, phone, and all your non-incandescent light bulbs.

Because nature has provided us with a solution. But before I tell you what it is, let me introduce myself…

About Dr. Jonathan Carp

My name is Dr. Jonathan Carp. I’ve been an award-winning clinical dermatologist in practice for more than 20 years specializing in drug-free ways to heal, stay healthy and look great.  

My philosophy of skin care is simple, I love the science behind conventional treatments, but love natural treatments even more.

Not everyone is interested in natural treatments, but I think it is my duty as a physician to explain that plant derived, lifestyle, and other natural treatments carry the lowest risk and with dedicated use are also effective with lasting, balanced, and enduring results.

I've won several years of Best Clinical Dermatologist in my medical center and was Chief of Dermatology for many years.

I’m proud to say my patients have included actors and people from around the world who want more natural alternatives.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for powerful nature-based solutions to the skincare challenges so many of my patients face.

In fact, I’m such a big advocate of safe, effective, inexpensive natural solutions that some of my patients call me “The Plant Doctor.” 

Of course, as a physician, I reserve final judgment on any solution, natural or otherwise, until I see the evidence.

That’s why recently I was so excited to find that studies show that there is a natural plant extract that can neutralize the damaging effects of all types of light, including visible blue light — and take years off your appearance by improving your skin in three critical ways.

In fact, it can actually improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even better than expensive creams and moisturizers costing hundreds of dollars.

Plus, if you’re at all concerned about uneven coloring of your skin (dyschromia) you should know that visible blue light has been shown to induce changes in pigmentation.2

Since they can’t run away or hide from the sun, they’ve been protecting themselves from the damaging effects of light for billions of years.

Plus, if you’re at all concerned about uneven coloring of your skin (dyschromia) you should know that visible blue light has been shown to induce changes in pigmentation.2

Since they can’t run away or hide from the sun, they’ve been protecting themselves from the damaging effects of light for billions of years.

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And hardy Rockrose may be the all-time champ at creating natural protective compounds.

How do we know?

Scientists have discovered that when Rockrose was introduced to the skin, a particular enzyme associated with light damage plunged by nearly half – 43% to be exact.

And protecting your skin from harmful light damage is just one of the amazing things Rockrose can do for your skin.

This Amazing Plant, that Rises Like a Phoenix After a Forest Fire, can Rescue and Rejuvenate Your Skin

Forest fires are so tragic – destroying virtually everything in their path.

And yet, they literally lay the groundwork for a rebirth as plants and animals begin their gradual return.

Thousands of years ago, ancient people noticed something interesting…

Often, first on the scene after a fire was a small shrub with delicate white flowers called Rockrose (Cistus monspeliensis).

What’s more, while most plants wilt under full sun and struggle to survive, this small shrub actually thrives in it.

No wonder they turned to Rockrose as a favored herb. 

And for thousands of years, it has been used to condition and soothe skin.

Recently, modern science has confirmed that those ancient healers sure knew what they were doing.

How do we know?

Because study after study is confirming that this humble shrub is a mini-miracle for tired, problem skin – and a major leap forward in anti-aging technology.

It turns out, hardy Rockrose produces a wide spectrum of its own protective compounds that may also be useful for feeding the skin.

Scientists have discovered that when Rockrose was introduced to skin cells in the lab (in-vitro study), a particular enzyme associated with light damage plunged by nearly half – 43% to be exact. {2}

And rescuing your skin from harmful light damage is just one of the amazing things Rockrose can do for your skin.

Because the next piece of good news is what Rockrose does to combat oxidative stress, which is when those nasty free radicals get out of hand and cause damage, similar to how rust accumulates on a car.

This contributes to the breakdown of those delicate collagen support structures that keep your skin nice and firm, and therefore leads to sagging, creases, fine lines and wrinkles.

Rock On, Rockrose!!

An important study has shown that when Rockrose extract is applied to the skin, not only does it reduce cell damage from oxidative stress by 34%, it actually reduced those harmful free radicals by a whopping 92%! {3}

But here’s the really, really good part…

Researchers have found that Rockrose doesn’t just rescue your skin to help prevent damage.

They found that it was actually supporting the natural process of skin renewal as well!

How could they tell?

Researchers tracked an important protein – something called extracellular matrix protein 1 or “ECM1.”  

I love ECM1 because it contains the genetic instructions for how and how often new skin is created. 

The more ECM1 you have, the faster your skin is recovering, restoring and renewing itself by replacing older, damaged skin cells with fresh, new skin cells. {4}

You know who has ECM1 levels that are through the roof?


Your skin’s cellular turnover rate is the fastest when you are a baby. And you know how soft their skin is!

The trouble is, you have less and less ECM1 as you age…No wonder aging is so hard on your skin.

The Rockrose lab study showed a 34% boost in ECM1 recovery proteins in skin cells when treated with Rockrose extract and exposed to blue light - the same kind of damaging everyday light we experience every day indoors - when compared to untreated skin cells. {5}

Attack of the Killer Skin Stressors

Your skin is under attack from more than ultraviolet light outdoors and blue light inside.

Like from outdoor pollution and indoor toxins, which have both been shown to be damaging to skin.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that mental stress is harmful to your skin.

Look at someone under severe stress to see the paleness, the shadows under their eyes, the lines of worry.

These stressors are attacking your skin constantly, causing oxidation, inflammation, and DNA damage.

This trio of stresses, don’t just work one by one on their own to weaken and age your skin, they team up together to wreak havoc, causing wrinkles, lines, dryness, uneven skin tone, and so much more.

Plus, none of us are getting any younger! And as you know, age is not kind to skin as your body produces less and less of essential compounds like ECM1.

No wonder I’m hearing more and more complaints from patients, clients, friends and family that their skin now seems to be “aging” faster than ever. It’s the cumulative effect of aging and other stressors on the skin.

Rockrose is the best antidote I know because it so effectively moisturizes, hydrates, soothes, conditions the skin to help counteract the stressors that cause the visible signs of aging skin, supporting it to:

  • Renew
  • Rejuvenate
  • Rescue your skin

I believe it’s something everyone over 40 should be using on their face every day – especially today when our appearance is subject to so much increased scrutiny on Zoom calls, video chatting, and endless social media exposure.

Fortunately, Rockrose is no longer as hard as it once was to find, as word of its effectiveness has started to leak out, and many companies now sell it in various forms, or include it in their skincare formulations.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t just want any Rockrose, because in skincare products, not all Rockrose is created equal.

And while, as Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell the same” – just because something is named “Rockrose” on the label doesn’t mean it will work the same.

That’s why you want the extract of Rockrose because that is the most potent and that is what works best. 

The trouble is, it can be extremely expensive.

Not only that, but you want to be sure you’re using a high-quality extract, from a dependable source with the proper, scientifically studied dosage.

Because, in my professional opinion, such standards are important.

I scoured the earth to find a dependable source of Rockrose extract.I was finally able to locate one that meets my highest standards, and that has been clinically shown to: {6}

  • Reduce skin roughness
  • Visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Helps skin to fight the premature appearance of fine lines which can be made worse by natural and artificial light
  • Help condition skin by supporting the cellular renewal on the surface of the skin
  • Promotes skin recovery by enabling the natural process of renewal and ECM1

She just happens to be a renowned chief product formulator in the beauty and skincare industry.

For nearly 20 years she has worked with top international skincare brands and celebrities to formulate those high-end products you see on TV with beautiful models raving about them, in Sephora and in trendy department stores.

She has probably helped millions5 of women improve the look and feel of their skin.

And she’s as passionate as I am about the power of natural solutions to heal and renew.

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The Power of Plant Synergy...

Amazing as Rockrose is, a great skincare product requires more than any one single ingredient.

Because as I’m sure you know from experience, something as complex as your skin (and believe me, it’s way more complex than you can imagine) requires different ingredients for different purposes if it’s going to leave your skin as healthy-looking and vibrant as possible.

And yet, no one wants a dozen different bottles on their nightstand in order to get everything you need...

I formulated these ingredients together in one, affordable, convenient product where – and this is critical – they all work together to achieve what we call “plant synergy.”

The combination of plant ingredients add to your skin’s healthy ability to renew itself and support your skin’s natural processes and have a multi-dimensional effect on your skin.

This means that the whole is equal to more than the sum of the parts because the ingredients help, support, and supplement one another as well as to renew… rejuvenate… and rescue your skin on multiple levels. It's like 1 plus 1 = 4.

That’s the power of Plant Synergy.

Another thing I was passionate about was that any product I developed must be strictly plant based. Also, it must absolutely be free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and any number of nasty, “dirty” ingredients often found in other products. Some of these ingredients can even be absorbed by your body and have effects on your body’s hormones.

Plus, it must be able to give dermatological effects without drugs or surgery by harnessing the immense power of nature.

Of course, I could never put my name on anything less, since I’m considered an innovator in developing natural-based health solutions.

I sing Mother Nature’s praises frequently as a medical contributor on TV and lecturing at various conferences around the world.  

Introducing the Dream Team of Skincare Ingredients

This is why I decided to create an affordable, all-in-one, multi-function face cream featuring the power of Rockrose and synergistically supported by an all-star cast of nature’s finest and fiercest skincare warriors.

And after scouring the planet and consulting with many leading scientists, skincare experts and formulators, here’s what I have included in this custom formulation to enhance the power of Rockrose…

And release the power of plant synergy on your skin…

Mother Nature’s Retinol—
But Without the Side Effects

One very effective and often-used tool for skin anti-aging is Retinol, a vitamin A derivative.
Many women love knowing that synthetic vitamin A is amazingly effective at correcting so many things they hate, including helping to…

  • Eliminate fine lines
  • Erase small wrinkles
  • Make rough patches and dark spots disappear

But as you may know, Retinol can be highly irritating.

That’s because it reduces the outermost layer of the skin, so that the same amount of sun can cause more damage.

What’s more, personally, I don’t like that Retinol is something that is manufactured – not something that occurs naturally in nature.

But what if there were a plant-derived compound, a natural phytonutrient that could offer the positive benefits of Retinol – but without its harsh side effects?

Well, fortunately, there is something that fits that bill in Mother Nature’s bountiful pharmacy: Wild Blue Daisy (Globularia alypum).

Wild Blue Daisy is a delightful blue flower that has been used since ancient Egypt for a variety of ailments, and is a folk medicine favorite to this day.

This Wild Blue Daisy study recorded the following very impressive anti-aging benefits user observed in their own skin – without, I must emphasize again, any of the nasty side effects of Retinol….

  • Visible smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles at the surface of the skin
  • Dramatic reduction in the appearance of pore size
  • Potential improvement in skin’s overall appearance and brightness
  • Noticeably firmer-looking skin
  • Smoother-looking skin
  • Visibly fewer wrinkles

No surprise, therefore, that when researchers did a “head-to-head” test, they found that users reported Wild Blue Daisy’s incredible anti-aging results and skin improvements were perceived to be as good as those obtained with Retinol. {7}

See what I mean about plant synergy?

Imagine all these benefits adding to and multiplying all the benefits of Rockrose.

Now I’d like to introduce you to the Chaga Mushroom. 

How Can a Mushroom Make You Look 10 Years Younger?

The Chaga mushroom has powerful healing properties. Scientists have been studying it for its anti-aging and immunity-boosting benefits because it is packed full of beta-glucans, adaptogenic betulinic acid, high levels of antioxidants, and skin-protecting melanin.

I chose to use a proprietary extract of this mushroom because it...

  • Works like magic on dark circles
  • Diminishes under-eye “bags” and the appearance of thin lines around the eyes
  • Reduces overall skin redness
  • Can help improve skin radiance

The Chaga mushrooms aren’t mass-produced in some greenhouse under grow-lights – they’re harvested from the wild in Canadian birch forests.

Then a special extraction method is used to optimize a high level of polyphenols – which are essential for rescuing your skin from environmental stressors (your skin’s Public Enemy #1).

I find it great for both tired skin and sensitive skin.

You can see why some high-end products feature Chaga mushrooms as the main ingredient – and I’ve recommended some of them to my patients in the past.

But I don’t want you spending that kind of extra money!

That’s why I made sure to make it a part of this plant synergy combination.

Your Best Protection Against the Ravages of Time and the Environment

I can’t emphasize enough that your skin is under siege.

Inside your home and out. Where you work and where you play.

Just a few of these offenders attacking your skin are…

  • Skin-damaging UVA, UVB, UVC and visible blue light (VBL)
  • Harmful household toxins from furniture, carpeting, construction material, cleaning supplies, and even your kitchen
  • Air pollution
  • Not eating as well as we should
  • Everyday stress

All these things cause dangerous free radicals, which lead to oxidative stress and inflammation, which can lead to tired-looking, older-looking skin.

And the older you get, the more susceptible you become to damage from these assaults.

As you may have heard, the way to fight free radicals is with antioxidants, which help counter the oxidation process.

That’s why every premium-quality anti-aging system contains a heaping helping of antioxidants.

But of course, for our formulation, I didn’t want just any. antioxidant.

We wanted the best.

And I believe we found it in Triple Rice Complex. 

This is a botanical extract from three different types of rice, all carefully selected because their natural antioxidant levels are off the charts.

Working in combination with the other ingredients in this formulation (there’s that plant synergy again), it bathes your skin in rich antioxidants that work overtime to neutralize the free radicals…

Stopping them in their tracks before they can do any more damage.

Complex boosts the defense system of your skin cells – which I can pretty much guarantee you is probably overwhelmed most of the time.

You can count on it to help…

  • Effectively rescue your skin from the stress of urban pollution and blue light 
  • Support even skin tone and condition the skin 
  • Potent antioxidants fight the damaging effects of urban pollutants and blue light that can cause premature aging

But, of course, no formulation would be complete without incorporating the very best way to hide imperfections naturally (without covering them up) and help to improve look, feel and health of your skin…11

The World’s Best Moisturizer

There are plenty of good moisturizers out there on the shelves.

And then there is hyaluronic acid – standing in a class by itself.

Now don’t let the word “acid” fool you – as you may know and can probably guess, hyaluronic acid (HA) isn’t the kind that burns.

Instead, it’s something that occurs naturally throughout your body.

And you should be very glad it does, because it’s essential for keeping your skin moist and plump-looking.

Think of HA molecules as sponges that that can carry an astonishing 1,000 times their own weight in water, and instantly bathe your skin in refreshing, rejuvenating moisture whenever and wherever it is needed for hydration.

The result?

  • Vital moisture is provided to your skin
  • Smoothing and a visibly lifting effect on fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healthier, smoother, more vibrant, younger-looking skin
  • It literally infuses old tired cells at the surface of your skin with moisture, making skin look plumper

This was definitely a must-have bonus ingredient for this formula.

Can Healthier Skin Save Your Life?

Taking care of your skin isn’t just important for how you look and feel.

Healthy-looking skin can also represent your overall health and well-being.Your skin’s appearance and proper skin function demonstrate how well you care for your body. Being proactive in caring for your skin signals to the world that what you put on your skin - and in your body - matters to you. When you take such good care of your body, beauty can be more than skin deep!

When you take care of your skin, you’re doing more than looking good on the outside.

It’s part of a comprehensive approach to keeping your whole body healthy. Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ?

What’s more, as I’m sure you know and have experienced…

When you look your best, when you know you’re taking good care of yourself, that can result in a confidence and vibrancy which is perhaps the biggest benefit – and enhancement to your appearance – of all.

4 Powerful Skincare Treatments in One Convenient, High-Quality Cream

As a dermatologist, I’m constantly recommending products to my patients.

And often, the response I get is:
 “I’m sorry, Dr. Carp –I just don’t have room on my dresser for one more product!”

Or, oftentimes, they don’t have room in their beauty-budget.

That’s why I’m so gratified to have played a part in creating a single, all-in-one skincare product – we call it Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy – that accomplishes all three things I believe are essential for every woman today…

1. RENEW – Crème de Flor promotes healthier, younger-looking skin by supporting the constant and rapid turnover of fresh, new skin cells.2.

2. REJUVENATE – Crème de Flor bathes your skin in plant-based phytonutrients that moisturize the skin to help maintain supple, firmer-looking skin. (It may sound strange, but your skin needs nutrients – just like you do.)

3. RESCUE – Crème de Flor is designed to rescue your precious skin from the many stresses placed on it today by the environment and of life.

Drop element here!

Important Instructions from Dr. Carp:

Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy  was created to work effectively both as a DAY and as a NIGHT cream.

Directions: Apply twice daily.

In the morning make sure to apply this first before you apply anything else. Then follow your usual routine, including makeup if desired.

Apply again in the evening before drifting off to sleep.

We believe you’ll immediately fall in love with its rich, creamy texture and feel – as well as how well it works with the other products you might use.

What We Left Out

I am extremely proud of the beneficial plant synergy ingredients that are used in Crème de Flor, but am even more proud of what Crème de Flor doesn’t contain…

  • NO Hormone Disruptors – Many cosmetics and skincare products contain chemicals which can interfere with your endocrine system – causing you to produce too little (or too much) of certain hormones. Not Crème de Flor, of course. Your hormones are important to us.
  • NO Powders – Sure, manufacturers can grind some leaves into a powder, stick it in a face cream, and say “we use this miracle plant.” But powders are usually not standardized and have components you don’t need or want. That’s why, if you want miraculous benefits, you’ve got to use the extract, which is more concentrated, which is carefully tested, and you can count on as having more of what makes it work. It truly is using the best of modern science to extract the best of the plant.
  • NO Parabens, Phthalates or Synthetic Fragrances
  • Nothing Tested on Animals – not something we would ever consider. Not now. Not ever.

In short, just what you need – not what you don’t.

Only ingredients designed by nature to renew, regenerate and protect your skin – naturally, safely and effectively.

Stop Saying “I’m Just Getting Older” - Get to the Root of Your Skin Problems

I know that we can age gracefully, beautifully, and a whole lot more slowly than most women are right now.

And I believe we can even “turn back the clock” by erasing the appearance of visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lines and dull, lifeless skin.

As a dermatologist, I believe in doing that not with superficial temporary solutions or cover-ups, but with real, naturally-derived solutions that address the root causes of today’s skin challenges – most of which stem from dryness and environmental stress.

That’s why I developed Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy combining powerful botanical extracts and proven preparations to help…

  • Promote skin cell renewal to counteract the visible signs of aging
  • Rejuvenate your skin with vital nutrients to promote healthier-looking skin
  • Rescue your skin from damaging light exposure (both in your home as well as outdoors)

Crème de Flor is available at a Special Price with this Offer

This is an exclusive formulation no one else has.

Nor is it available anywhere else – online or from a store.

But I’m giving you access to this fantastic product at a special launch price.

And join the Plant Synergy community to find out more about new products launching soon and special VIP offers.    

What You Could Do Instead

Look, as a doctor I’ve got to tell you that no matter what, you need to take good care of your skin.

It’s all there is between you and the world – and the world can be a very dangerous place.

Plus, for better or worse, your skin has so much to do with the impression you make on those around you.

So at a minimum, please get yourself a good moisturizer… and use your standard SPF, of course…

A high-quality antioxidant…

And something to rescue your skin from the effects of outdoor sunlight and indoor visible blue light.

But I need to warn you that skin-revitalizing serums and creams that contain even just one of the powerful active ingredients in Crème de Flor can cost over $100 or more.

And keep in mind…

You simply will not find a multi-function skin cream with
all four of these active ingredients – at any price.

That’s right, Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy is the only product in the U.S. that combines all these ingredients synergistically to renew… rejuvenate… and rescue your skin this comprehensively.

 Of course, there are alternative ways to getting these results.

For example....

  • To duplicate the ingredients individually at a store such as Sephora or Ulta, you would have to purchase and combine several hard to find and very expensive products…
  • If you’ve researched anti-aging treatments, you know that brand-name injections and fillers can cost hundreds of dollars – per treatment
  • Chemical peels and laser resurfacing treatments start at over a thousand
  • And, of course plastic surgery can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention all the time off from work to recover as your face heals)

But I have to tell you…

In the end, all these alternatives, regardless of how expensive they are, may not give you the ongoing natural-looking results you’re looking for.

However, the good news is:

  • YOU DON’T have to bust your budget buying many different serums and creams
  • YOU DON’T have to put up with the inconvenience and expensive of in-office treatments
  • YOU DON’T have to grin and bear painful procedures
  • YOU DON’T have to worry about the dangers of a possible botched plastic surgery that can leave both physical and emotional scars. (You can and should age naturally, gracefully and beautifully.)

This is why I wanted this breakthrough formula to be available and priced right for women everywhere – to benefit and enjoy younger-looking skin, naturally.

And it’s why it’s priced nowhere near the hundreds of dollars many high-end skincare creams cost.

In fact, Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy normally sells for only $89.

But the fact that you’ve read this far tells me that you are serious about skincare.

And right now, you can buy directly from us by clicking the button below and get the powerful, age-defying Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy for only $69.

Fortunately, we do have a stock supply of Crème de Flor right now and are shipping orders without delay.

But one thing we’ve learned over the past year is to anticipate shipping disruptions.

Lockdowns and worker shortages, unexpected weather, unusually high demand for ingredients, as well as transport disruptions can mean that just because we can ship orders quickly today doesn’t mean we can ship quickly next week or next month.

That’s why, if you’re thinking of taking us up on our risk-free offer to try Crème de Flor, you might want to consider opting for a 3-jar trio at an additional discount.

Stock up for yourself or share this age-defying secret with family and friends. I’m sure they’ll want to know your secret!

Because no matter how many jars you request, Crème de Flor is…

100% Guaranteed!

You must be 100% totally satisfied with Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy. It must do what we’ve promised. If not, or if you’re not ecstatically happy for any reason, just send the jar or jars back (even if empty) within 60 days and we’ll refund the purchase price.

Absolutely no questions asked. NO-Risk – period.

Request your NO-Risk trial supply of Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy now – because we want to make it impossible for you not to give it a try.

An Investment in Your Most Valuable Asset—YOU

How much better will you feel about yourself – and how much more confidence will you have – when you enjoy…

  • Smoother skin texture and tone as fine lines appear to fade around your eyes and forehead
  • Better and brighter appearance, texture and tone overall
  • Smile lines seem to fill in and visibly diminish
  • Under-eye bags disappear from view
  • New, firmer, more lifted look – including under the chin, and on your neck and décolleté

Imagine yourself just thirty days from now, and how amazing you’ll feel with younger looking skin. Naturally.

Don’t you owe that to yourself?

Give Crème de Flor with Plant Synergy  a try and see for yourself.

I just know you are going to love it.

And remember…

That’s guaranteed. Absolutely no questions asked. NO-Risk – period.

Yours for great-looking skin, Naturally,

“The Plant Doctor” 

Got Questions Before Getting Started?
We’ve Got Your Answers…

"I love the way my skin looks and feels." 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

After using Créme de Flor for the past month, it has improved the texture of my skin. My skin has a wonderful glow to it.

"I can barely see the fine lines and wrinkles that were visible before." 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

“It’s done a nice job of tightening the skin around my eyes and my upper lip. My skin looks younger and fresher. It almost looks like I have foundation on because it does such a nice job of smoothing and firming and hydrating my skin."

"I love everything about it!"

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"I feel Créme de Flor has decreased my wrinkles, evened out the skin tone, and gave me a glowing complexion. I love it!"

"It’s refreshing and hydrating…"

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"Aside from how cool the name is, the product is just as good. It’s refreshing and hydrating, not irritating, and most importantly, it helps your skin look and feel youthful."

"I love how this melts into my skin – very luxurious! "

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"Perfect texture and the perfect amount of hydration."

"I can feel that my skin just drinks this up."

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"My skin looks smoother in texture. The crepe-iness has disappeared, and my skin is more plump and beautiful."


1. “Pigmentation effects of blue light irradiation on skin and how to protect against them” Int’l Journal of Cosmetic Science, R. Campiche, S. J. Curpen, V. Lutchmanen‐Kolanthan, S. Gougeon, M. Cherel, G. Laurent, M. Gempeler, and R. Schuetz, 2020-7 

2. Findings part of a proprietary research study. 

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4. “The role of extracellular matrix protein 1 in human skin” Clin Exp Dermatol. I Chan, 2004-1

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What does he/she teach and description about his/her job


What does he/she teach and description about his/her job


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Explain what makes your product or service great. Talk about features in a way that highlights the real value people get out of them.



Explain what makes your product or service great. Talk about features in a way that highlights the real value people get out of them.



Explain what makes your product or service great. Talk about features in a way that highlights the real value people get out of them.





“This was a well-structured, interesting and informative course. Well worth doing. This was a well-structured, interesting and informative course. Well worth doing.”